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  • Our meals are free of animal products including whey, casein, and honey.
  • My Veggie Chef is perfect for vegans, vegetarians, flexitarians, meat-reducers, and omnivores who just want to eat more veggies!
  • Let us help put an affordable, time saving, healthy meal on your dinner table.

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Don't waste your precious time pouring over cookbooks and blogs to plan your meals. Let our chefs do the legwork!


Let us use our wholesale buying power to save you time and money!


Our professionally trained kitchen staff gets the slicing and dicing done!


Our meals are delivered or shipped, depending on your location, to your door.


Cook a healthy delicious meal in as little as 20 minutes. Enjoy more time with your family.

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Delivery Week Of: 6/24/2018

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Client's Testimonials

Let Them Speak For Us

    Food Lover

    I just wanted to say we had the Sweet and Sour Lentils last night for supper. It was so good! And we loved the Black Bean Burgers last week. I had the last one for lunch yesterday. A co-worker caught a whiff of the aroma and said, "What is that? It smells so good! Did you make that?" I can't thank you enough for helping me "cook" dinner on a regular basis!

    My Veggie Chef Super Fan

    Our family loves My Veggie Chef. We've been using the service regularly for a year and a half now, and it has completely changed our lives. We used to spend hours on Sundays planning balanced vegetarian meals for the week and shopping for the ingredients. And then on our already-hectic weeknights (we have two elementary-school-aged kids), we would find ourselves spending a lot of time chopping and preparing those meals, or we would fall back on our go-to fast vegetarian meals, which aren't super nutritious -- a box of pasta and a jar of sauce or frozen "meats" and mac & cheese from a box. We gained all that time (and all those nutrients) back when a friend told us about My Veggie Chef. We were hooked from our first order. In fact, I'm about to place my order for next weekend's delivery right now. We live in Murfreesboro, so I am especially grateful that the delivery area includes the counties surrounding Nashville. When I tell my friends in New York or Los Angeles or other places around the country about this amazing business, they can't believe it. We are so lucky to have this creative and healthy and family-friendly option here in Middle Tennessee!

    Food Lover

    I just wanted to say we had the Sweet and Sour Lentils last night for supper. It was so good! And we loved the Black Bean Burgers last week. I had the last one for lunch yesterday. A co-worker caught a whiff of the aroma and said, "What is that? It smells so good! Did you make that?" I can not thank you enough for helping me "cook" dinner on a regular basis!

    Busy Student

    I have had three weeks of meals so far and they are absolutely fantastic. As a graduate student and living alone, it's saved me so much time not planning menus and keeping the kitchen stocked with extra items and things which might go bad over time. I'm also a long-time vegetarian and your meals offer such convenience along with eating healthy. My Veggie Chef is a super convenient, healthy, a time saver, and a great value too!

    Delighted Customer

    I cannot tell you how impressed and thrilled I am to have found My Veggie Chef. I have placed 5 orders to date and not one disappointment. I feel like I am cooking again and providing healthy meals for my family. And best of all...not having to ask the dreaded question...what do you want for dinner? Thank you!

    Happy First Time Customer

    This is my first full week with a veggie chef delivery, and I must say I am beyond impressed. I already ordered again for next week. The food is divine , and the prep is easier than I expected. I just wanted to say thank you for making my evening routine so much easier!

    Delighted Vegan Customer

    THIS is what we've needed! My wife is an excellent cook, but we often work late and are terrible at PLANNING meals. We usually end up eating toast, or going out and spending almost as much as a whole week of My Veggie Chef. It's such a perfect blend of meal options, time savings, plus all the LOVE we're used to in a home-cooked meal. We still tweak to our tastes (hot sauce, tofu cream cheese, nutritional yeast) and we've had leftovers for a great lunch! THANKS MY VEGGIE CHEF!

    Satisfied Customer

    I just wanted to let you know how much my wife and I have enjoyed our first batch of meals. Each meal has been GREAT! It's so awesome to be able to prepare meals that are healthy, filling, and reasonably priced.

    First Time Customer

    We just had our first meal and it was FANTASTIC! I am so thrilled I cannot even tell you. We had the Southwestern Pasta Toss, and being Texans, were really curious about the seasoning. Perfection! It is so clear how much work has gone into these recipies and I am so appreciative! I can't wait to see what you have prepared for us tomorrow night! Thank you for this amazing service!

    Non-Vegan Veggie Lover

    I am not vegan, nor am I even vegetarian, but I have been so impressed with the meals! The flavors are fantastic. I never thought I would enjoy vegan food, but I have loved everything that I have tried so far. My favorite by far was the Penne with Garlicky Kale and Beans. It was phenomenal!

    Busy Mom

    I just wanted to tell you how great this service is. The food was absolutely amazing and it is so fast and easy to prepare. I just had a baby and I also have a toddler and a meat eating husband and we ALL loved every meal. Thank you so much for giving this vegan an easy week of delicious food! I will be ordering every week that you offer.

    Happy Customer

    My husband is a meat and potatoes guy. He has not only eaten and loved these meals but he even prepares them if I am running late! Life is good...thanks to My Veggie Chef!

    Grateful Wife of a "Meat-etarian"

    My husband surprised me with a week of your food for my 30th birthday present. I am so impressed with the quality and the value. More importantly I am grateful for the "yum yum" sounds my husband makes as he is chowing down! Thank you for making vegan appealing to even my husband (a die hard pork fat fan)!!

    Veggie Foodie

    Ordered for the 1st time and forgot my cooler and Kristie was good enough to leave one for me...and the food! Excellent...easy to make, delicious and healthy. Will be a return customer for certain.

    First Time Taster

    We just finished our first week of meals, and all I can say is wow! First of all, the food was GREAT! But it was all so easy! It was so nice to come home and have all the prep work done for me, with out all the shopping and chopping. The portion sizes were right on the money with enough left over for my lunch. Mostly, it was so nice to put a meal on the table that I knew was healthy for my family. I felt a little spoiled. :) Thank You My Veggie Chef for doing all the work for me at a great price and a great ease of mind.

    Single Mom

    As a single parent, I love having easy, healthy meals waiting for me. And the best part - is that the meals are absolutely so delicious and flavorful! Wonderful use of spices to create interesting flavor!! LOVE!

    Loyal Customer

    I love how GOOD this food is -- good for me, good to taste. And the frozen entrees are so fast and easy to fix!

    Satisfied Customer

    I can not say it enough. Thank you for all you do to provide these meals and this service. I truly believe that it is saving my life. My Veggie Chef is a LIFE SAVER in so many ways!

    Satisfied Customer

    We just wanted to let you know how happy we are with the food and service you provide! We absolutely LOVED the Stroganoff and the Pasta Bolognese this week. SO good! And the curry from last week was out of this world! It is such a relief to know that after working all day and then taking care of our 8 month old, dinner is already taken care of and it is healthy and delicious!

    Happy Customer

    Getting your meals simplifies things so much. Thanks so much for providing this service. It rocks!!!

    Happy and Healthy Couple

    Oh wow!! I am so excited to see your menu every week and I love the convenience of being able to eat healthy vegan, and afford it, without too many trips to the store and too much time in the kitchen. You have made me a lazy cook, yet an inspired one. Thank you so very much for sharing your passion with this community! You've made your mark, Kristie!